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Functional characterization of nitinol-hafnium wire for use in high speed, high temperature actuators

Wednesday (16.05.2018)
09:00 - 09:25
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A research scale process was utilized in a production SMA facility to produce quality 0.25 mm Ni50.3Ti29.7Hf20 wires for full thermal-mechanical characterization. Wires were first produced by conventional hot extrusion, hot and warm drawing and cold draw finishing with a thin and shiny brown oxide finish. The wires were then tuned by direct current pulse annealing and actuation-tested at near-isobars of 20 to 500 MPa and a temperature range of about 300 to 475K for their actuation performance. Initial wire stability, cyclic shakedown, and work output from training to the stable condition under given conditions are presented for future use in high-speed, high temperature actuator systems.

Ph.D. Jan Pilch
Czech Academy of Sciences